EVO™/ECM-DTC16 (Differential Temperature Control Unit)

The EVO/ECM-DTC16 sets the EC Motor speed depending on the temperature difference measured by two temperature sensors. The DTC16 controls up to 16 EC Motors in unison.

  • All setpoints are factory set in EEPROM.

  • A 4-position jumper header allows user-select options defined in the application.

  • Allows connection of an EEPROM programmer.

  • A red power lamp indicates power to the control is on.

  • The application may redefine the function of either lamps.

Applications for this hardware are developed from requests by equipment manufacturers.

Existing Applications:

  • Refrigeration Evaporator Fan Control

  • A Two speed (2x) Evaporator Fan Control


EVO™/SNS-AA (Used in Conjunction with the EVO/ECM-DTC16)

Thermistor Sensor/Refrigeration Pipe Sensor

  • 1K NTC thermistor probe suitable for room temperature and cold locations with condensation.

  • 6' low smoke zero haolgen jacketed sensor cable

  • Suitable for industrial, commercial, transportation

  • Suitable for confined-space applications requiring flame retardant low-smoke cables.