HVAC Controls

ECM 3PT.gif
EVO/™10Y-3PT (3 Point Floating Control Unit)
  • Increase/decrease control for 0-10Vdc devices

  • Digital Accuracy

  • Adjustable Rate

  • Output Signal Lamp

  • OEM and Contractor Versions

  • Allows VAV controls to control 0-10V device instead of damper

10Y-PWMa Datasheet.jpg
EVO/™10Y-PWMa (Pulse Width Modulation Control Unit)
  • Converts DC PWM signals to a standard 0V to +10V automation signal.

  • The PWM input is optically isolated from the 0V to +10V signal circuit and power to prevent ground loops and allow multiple devices located over a distance to be driven by the same PWM signal.

  • The PWM signal connections are not polarity sensitive and may operate over a peak voltage range from +5V to +24V.

  • Acceptable PWM rate is from 10 pulses per second to 200 pulses per second.

EVO/™IRC-10Y Interface (0-10V Infrared Remote Control System)  
  • Adjusts a 0-10V control signal using the handheld remote shown in the IRC System on the EC Motor Controls page.

  • A control interface mounts near the terminal unit controller, AHU Controller, programmable logic controller or other control equipment that accepts the 0-10Vdc signal.

  • The infrared sensor and feedback lamp can be mounted on the control interface or to the end of a remote sensor cable assembly.

  • The handheld remote allows entry of any whole number between 0 and 100.

  • The signal at the control interface responds with an output in 0.1V increments.

Common applications include adjustment of:

  • Temperature

  • Position

  • Humidity

  • Ventilation

  • Lighting Level

  • Audio Level

  • RPM

EVO/™10Y-4Spd Control Unit

4 Digital Inputs, 1 0-10Vdc Output Universal Control Unit

  • Monitors up to four 24Vac inputs and provides a 0-10Vdc output signal.

  • Four onboard pots allow factory or field adjustment.

  • The input, onboard and output functions are connected to an onboard microcontroller.

  • A program in loaded to the microcontroller to meet the specific needs of the application.

  • A common application allows 24Vac thermostat signals to position a proportional valve or damper actuator.

rly 4or.JPG
EVO/™RLY-4OR (4-Input OR Relay Control Unit)
  • The EVO/RLY-4OR is a relay that is energized by applying 24Vac on any of four inputs.

  • The device is designed to allow thermostats and other 24Vac devices to energize an outside air damper, valve, air cleaner, exhaust fan, ventilator, dehumidifier or other equipment whenever the thermostat calls for any function.

  • With this device, energized inputs do not feed back into the de-energized circuits.

  • The EVO/RLY-4OR may also be used with automation controller outputs to provide a logic function or save automation outputs.

EVO/™RNet Control Unit

Allows a programmable HVAC or other PLC to monitor three contacts using a single analog input.

  • External or On-board Pull-up.

  • Small Footprint.

  • Header & Plug type Connectors.